Who are we?

Our International Association of offices, located in many European countries and also in some countries out from Europe can inform you, help you to register and to organise our music trips or participation in a festival.

This international network allows us to have a lot of contacts with choirs and music groups and with venues in a lot of countries.  Some of our offices have been associated more than 20 years ago, guaranteeing a professional and trustworthy collaboration as well as the level of the performances and the quality of the events we organize. Our offices cover countries or language sectors. Thus Music & Friends Luxembourg is the privileged interlocutor for all French-speaking choirs or music groups. However, it can also provide information to groups from countries where there is no music & friends office.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request regarding one of our events:

Music&Friends by Emile Weber
15, rue d'Oetrange
Tel : (+352) 35 65 75 381
E-mail : musicandfriends@vew.lu

Our goal is to satisfy you fully and to make you live great moments, this is why we are present from the first request for information until the event.